ORSIM Pulmonology™ is here!

We are delighted to introduce our latest module - ORSIM Pulmonology™ - an essential addition to your ORSIM for professional excellence and improved patient care.

- Lets clinicians develop essential skills, without risk or discomfort to patients
- Allows users to understand normal and distorted anatomy, recognise pathology and improve bronchoscopy skills
- Enables clinicians to practice a diverse range of scenarios to prepare for the complexities of clinical use.

ORSIM Pulmonology™ has been developed in consultation with leading pulmonologists and provides 15 cases, including amyloidosis, small cell carcinoma, thermal injury, aspergillosis, squamous cell carcinoma and many more. Each case includes integrated, relevant, multi-choice questions and feedback.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more!