ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator scores top feedback

DAS 2014 (Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK):

ORSIM simulator received the highest overall score in DAS 2014 Workshop Evaluation

“ORSIM was excellent”

“More time for ORSIM as this is very informative and good training”

“ORSIM absolutely amazing, should be standard of understanding anatomy. You should have ORSIM on every DAS course“

St George’s Airway Training Day 2015 (London, UK)

“ORSIM is a brilliant bit of kit”

“Loved the ORSIM –please invite me next year”

“ORSIM is great for learning scope dexterity”

“ORSIM device is a good learning tool”

“I found the ORSIM a fantastic device that really enhanced my fibreoptic technique in a safe place”

“The awesome (ORSIM) was very useful for improving fibreoptic dexterity”